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Finding the Best Catheter

for Your Individual Needs 

You should be able to use the catheter that you choose! Let our Catheter specialists help you get samples from the leading manufacturers to find the catheter that's best for you and your lifestyle.

Hotline:      Call us at 1-800-219-4301

Catheters & Urological Supplies

Straight Tip 
  • The industry standard tip for urinary catheters

  • Made with a fire-polished tip for smooth insertion and drainage

  • 100% silicone 

Coudé Tip/Olive Tip
Coude Tips
  • Where the straight tip may not be as effective, the coudé tip has a curved tip to maneuver through the blocked or hard to reach areas — through the prostate and into the bladder 

Free Ground Shipping

on all Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance orders.

  • Super slick coating activated by water for easier insertion 

  • Pre-lubricated and ready to use right out of the pack

  • Pre-Lubricated Gel- no drips, no mess

  • Compact packaging

  • Polished eyelets for increased comfort

  • Compact size for convenient everyday use

  • Hygienic, non-touch insertion 

Closed System
  • Catheter enclosed in sterile, closed collection bag designed to reduce risk of infections 

  • Available with hydrophilic coating for a smooth insertion 

Red Rubber 
  • Made with latex to allow for flexibility and a soft feel for comfort 

  • Two large eyelets for maximum drainage

  • Made with natural rubber latex

  • As the most common type of indwelling catheter, it is designed to reside in place for up to 30 days 

  • With the balloon, the catheter is prevented from slipping out

  • Different tip types and balloon sizes are available

Condom/External Catheters
  • Designed for men 

  • Available in latex or silicone 

  • Available as self-adhesive and or with no adhesive 

  • Intended for one day of wear 


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Summit Xpress Overview

Summit Xpress Medical Supply has been serving the community since 2010.  We are a direct to patient provider that is Medicare Accredited through ACHC.  We provide the convenience of ordering online but provide the customers with the service a mom and pop supplier.  We specialize in intermittent catheters and incontinence supplies.

We have one simple goal — to help you live a better, healthier life. We do that by supplying you with only the best medical products in the business and backing it up with world-class customer care that treats you as part of the family. When you call, you’ll be greeted by a customer service representative that is focused on helping you live a better life.

What our customers say

"There's lots of people in this world who spend so much time watching their health that they haven't the time to enjoy it. Summit Xpress Medical has been there to help ease that weight and take care of the nuisances that come with medical paperwork so that I can live life more freely."  

- Emma

Summit Xpress Commits to the Highest Standard of Excellence for Customer Service


  • Thousands of Top Brand products to choose from 

  • We offer free samples for you so that you decide which product is best for YOU

  • We will never alter your order without your consent

Free Customer Support

  • Product Specialists are available to assist you in selecting products for your individual needs

  • 24/7 Customer Support hotline can update you with the most current product news and information

  • With our medical network, we can connect you to a physician if you need to renew your prescription

Insurance & Billing

  • Insurance Specialists are available to discuss the best way to maximize your benefits

  • We will handle all the insurance paperwork and billing for you, hassle-free

  • Our network has numerous insurance plans.  Please contact us and we will gladly explain your benefits.

No Hassle Shipping & Delivery

  • Free shipping directly to your location.

  • Our products are shipped usually by the next business day across the USA.

  • Discrete Packaging for your privacy.


  • We will call you personally to remind you about re-ordering so that you don't have to worry about running out of your medical supplies again each month.

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